Press from ‘The Highlands Current’ for Carin Jean White’s show

The Highlands Current, Aug 12, 2017:

Art Director

By Alison Rooney

The last time Carin Jean White showed her paintings at Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, a number of friends came from the city to the opening. Knowing that she is a theater director as well as a visual artist, they told her of the connection they saw in her work between both pursuits. She saw it, too, she says, but not before it was pointed out.

Growing up in a Bay Area household where art supplies were always lying around (courtesy of her father, a graduate of the Art Institute of San Francisco), White was often found crafting dioramas. At the same time, she began acting in plays at age 4 and directed her first play in high school. Plus, she was interested in science.

Carin Jean White (Photo by A. Rooney)

All of these elements come together in the Cold Spring resident’s current work, much of which is interdisciplinary, drawing upon site-specific questions, applications of design extending to sound, consideration of spatial qualities and other strands of exploration.

Her latest Catalyst show, which opens with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 12, is her third in the space. While it focuses on her painting, most of her work rests at the intersection of theater and visual installation…

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A painting by Carin Jean White


White’s paintings will be on view at Catalyst, at 137 Main St., through Sept. 4. See