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Recent Works: Sara-Jane Lee

Opening reception November 7, 6-9 pm. Gallery hours Fri-Sun, 12-6 pm, additional hours TBA and by appointment, call 914-522-8073. Open Sat Nov 14 until 9 pm. Through Nov 29.

“The range and complexity of human thought patterns and resulting facial expressions is so extraordinarily expansive. The relationships between these thoughts and expressions have fascinated me from the moment I began to draw. Through paint and pencils, I hope to confront those viewing my artwork with a direct intimacy that evokes those personal thoughts. To capture a glimpse of a feeling expressed, and convey that feeling in a way that exposes both internal and external awareness, is what I hope to accomplish.

I have developed paintings and drawings that allow viewers to place themselves in the mind of the subject of a piece. In this way, creating a subjective reaction to each piece, which allows a personal relationship with each figure. I hope to inspire a greater understanding and appreciation for the subtlety of emotions, as well as emphasizing the contrast between the feelings one gets while thinking alone, and how they differ greatly from any outward emotion presented to others.

I believe these are, as Vincent Van Gogh said, “…serious subjects, so difficult, and at the same time so beautiful, that it is indeed worth while to devote one’s life to the task of expressing the poetry hidden in them.”

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Reception Sat Oct 10 for Adam Lauricella

Reception this Saturday October 10, 6-9 pm for artist Adam Lauricella, ‘Sacred Illustrations & Occulted Pictorials’.

“A collection of folk art exploring concepts and lessons that originated centuries ago, yet are ever present in modern day constructs. Iconic imagery and occulted symbols are used in an effort to shed light on events and figures that may otherwise be left hidden.”

Adam_5x7_PC_Front_Thorn ARTpromo