Hello friends. Some news to share. This is not easy to say, but after a lot of consideration, we are closing Catalyst Gallery. Seven amazing years packed with art exhibitions, events, performances, pop-ups, open studios, workshops and gatherings and so much more!
In February 2013, I drafted a short version of a passionately scribbled rant that motivated me to put my time, my energy, my heart, and my resources into making it happen, in a rented storefront on Main St in Beacon:

A catalyst is something that accelerates a reaction and causes activity between two or more persons or forces, without itself being affected. The space will be continually utilized and transformed to fulfill various needs, and by doing so will create new opportunities for communication and creativity. Essentially unchanged, yet always different. It can also be a person who precipitates an event or change, whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy inspires and motivates others.
In this spirit, we opened the space, developing ideas of how it could be used and who might be interested in making something happen here: for their own work, for the community, for experience, for fun, for a living, for art.

I feel that we have fulfilled this mission consistently and creatively for seven years. We are thankful to everyone who made this possible. All the artists who installed their work, made the space theirs, invited others to come in. All the people who visited to look at art, to buy art, to talk, to connect. People who came for color, music, a reading, a performance, a drawing session, a fundraiser, a friendly warm space. I still think this is essential and will continue to support and encourage it here, while making room for new projects and focusing on my work. Time to passionately scribble the next rant, and let it fuel whatever is next. This was so much fun, and so much labor, and I truly loved doing it.

I welcome thoughts about your experience with the gallery – drop an email, message or comment – because we could not have done it without your enthusiasm and support, and your words are all part of its story.

Erica Hauser and Jon Reichert