‘House and Bone’, photographs and illustrations by Sarah Berman and Harrison Manning. ¬†Open 10:30-7 daily through Feb 26. Closing party Sun Feb 26, 7pm.


A preview of shows & events to come:

March 4-28- Adam Lister– click link to preview exhibition and purchase work

April 5-30- Jake Joyce

April 22- Art For Aleppo exhibition and fundraiser. CALL FOR ENTRY!!

May 5-28- Susan Keiser and Scott Lerman

June- Coulter Young

July- Rachel Williams

August 5- For Goodness Bake, a benefit bake sale

August 9-30- Carin Jean White

September-Jane Soodalter and Cali Gorevic

October- Tom Chibbaro and Kathleen Andersen

November- Melissa Schlobohm